Giancarlo Iliprandi, Uomo Estate (foto Serge Libiszewski), 1964, Fondo Iliprandi, n. B007714S

Objets trouvés. Archivi per un grande magazzino

Department stores: a synthesis of modernity in photography, architecture, design and fashion The ‘department store’ constitues an appropriate field of research for a twentieth-century archive of images and projects such as the CSAC, in which investigation and narrative methods can be verified. Our research in the archives has revealed documents and images that trace a pathway of fragments, integrated within the exhibition structure that unravels through the Paradigna abbey: these are objects trouvés that allow us to perceive short stories that potentially refer to countless other stories. There are Publifoto photographic campaigns that systematically documented the construction works of the new Rinascente store designed by Franco Albini, in Piazza Fiume in Rome, including the outfitting of its windows. Other objets that emerge from the archives stimulate a series of considerations on the specificity of photography. These researches investigate the dimension of double, the themes of reflection, of choir, and the urban dimension of store windows, from the 20s (Florence Henri, Man Ray, Stefani), to the 70s (Fabio Mauri, Paola Mattioli, Ugo la Pietra, Luigi Ghirri).

Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione dell’Università di Parma
in the context of Fotografia Europea


Objets trouvés – Archivi per un grande magazzino

may 7th – october 30  2017
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