The Media Section is home to 7,000 poster sketches, 2,000 cinema posters by artists including Ballester, Acerbo, Cesselon, Ciriello, and Manno, 11,000 satirical drawings and cartoons, and 3,000 illustrations by artists such as Pericoli and Chiappori. These include the group “Il Male” (Angese, Giuliano, Perini, Vincino), those of the group “La Repubblica” (Bevilacqua, Bucchi, Alain Denis, Eletti, Jezek, Micheli), and then Galantara and Bisi, as well as the Brunetta Mateldi archives.

Of note are the significant archives (around 100,000 works) of Carboni, Iliprandi, Provinciali, Sepo, Tovaglia and Vitale.