Finestra sull’Archivio / A Window to the Archive

An archive of the ‘900 and contemporary arts (art, design, architecture, photography, fashion, graphics, entertainment) such as the CSAC of the University of Parma with its collections and collections that include images, artworks, objects, prototypes, models and documents is a visible demonstration of how much the archive is not a mere inaccessible deposit of silent documents, but how much the archive also recounts the present through the re-reading of memory: a platform of the times of the arts and in a broader sense of culture.

Within the Through Time. Integrità e trasformazione dell’opera, designed for Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020, the archive was taken as a project in itself: for the choices made to make it grow, for the activities carried out to keep it alive through the study, cataloguing, building a narratives, and for the multiple re-readings made by different audiences.

For this reason, in support of the digitisation, we are implementing the cataloguing of funds and collections, and we want to give count of this activity in this section which opens in a moment of ‘physical’ limitation of access to cultural places.

Finestra sull’Archivio an in-depth analysis on the work in progress of digitisation and cataloguing of CSAC funds